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List broking

If you require a list that we cannot fulfil by utilising the data we already hold, we can tap into our industry contacts and expertise to find it for you. This is a bespoke service, and one that we have successfully provided for over a decade.

As you may well be aware, there is a huge amount of rogue data for sale, and this can be damaging to your brand and your bottom line.
Tricks used by list suppliers can include poorly cleansed data, old records being passed off as new, and what is best described as ‘imaginative’ profiling.

Whatever your requirement, we understand how to source the best data for you, and to avoid all these potential pitfalls.  We can provide this service across consumer groups, and within the business to business sector, within the UK and globally.

To augment this service we offer pre-campaign data screening,
de-duplication and post-campaign response analysis.

In short, we’ll find you the right people at the right price. Leaving you to focus on the marketing messages you want to send them.