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Lead generation

The ultimate ‘hot’ lead is someone who expresses a current desire to buy something you offer. Our leadgen service provides you with their details in real-time, so you can contact them instantly with the exact product or service they want.

We do this by including specific questions in our consumer surveys, whose answers point to a direct sales opportunity for you. These leads are generated via our network of websites - where consumers can register their interest in your products or services.

These can be in the form of Co-registration (coreg), Sponsored Lifestyle survey questions or through our Brochure and Catalogue request service.

Within a nano-second of the consumer registering their interest in your products, we can:

  • Validate their contact details instantly.
  • Supply their contact details to you via http post or email.
  • Automatically fire off your marketing email to the respondent.

Through sponsorship you will be supplied with the details of individuals who have given permission to be contacted by you and do not require TPS cleaning.

The leads we generate include (but not restricted to):

  • Home Improvements: Doors, Windows, Kitchen, Blinds, Conservatory
  • Renewables: Solar, Insulation, Heat pumps
  • Utilities switchers: Gas, Electric, Telephone, Broadband
  • Financial products: Credit cards; Debt consolidation, Life Assurance, Mortgages & loans
  • Health: Hearing, Vision, Laser Eye surgery; Back pain; Mobility issues; Diabetes
  • Insurance: Home & motor renewals
  • Charity donor interests: By charity names and by cause

Without a doubt, lead generation is a tangible and effective way to keep your sales team busy. Call today to discuss your requirements.

Please also see our Lead Concierge service, designed to free up both your time and resources.

  • Name: Sue Hunnable
    Age: 38
    Interests: Gardening, Slimming, Tennis
    Drives: Ford Mondeo
    Car insurance renewal: May
    Income: £30-40k per annum
  • Name: Steve Shetland
    Children: 1 boy (4), 1 girl (7)
    Marital status: Married
    Occupation: Director
    Considering: Private Medical Insurance
    Newspaper: Daily Telegraph
  • Name: Peter Hudson
    Age: 68
    Property tenure:
    Rent (council)
    Marital status: Divorced
    Charity cause: Animal Welfare
    Occupation: Retired
  • Name: Stacey Cook
    Age: 28
    Marital status:
    Holidays: Summer/beach
    Holiday type: Nightlife
    Lifestyle: Music-Dance
  • Name: Jane Doggart
    Age: 20 Mail order: Frequently-clothes
    Interests: Fashion
    Considering: Loan-clear bank overdraft
    Occupation: Retail
  • Name: Nigel Padsworth
    Age: 44
    Boiler make: Baxi
    Boiler age: 10+ years
    Boiler type: Combination
    Property tenure: homeowner
  • Name: Toby Young
    Age: 47
    Children: 2 girls (14,15)
    Mobiles in household: 4
    Mobile network: O2
    Contract renewal: March
  • Name: Rachel King
    Age: 39
    Property tenure: Homeowner
    Property type: Semi-detached
    Length of residence: 10+ years
    Considering: Conservatory & windows
  • Name: Jane Rogers
    Marital status: Married
    Children: 4
    Current car: Audi A4 Avant
    Interested in: Mercedes MPV
    Purchase in: 6 months
  • Name: Sheila Potton
    Age: 76
    Marital status: Widowed
    Number of cats: 3
    Property type: Bungalow
    Home Insurance renewal: May
  • Name: Robert Baker
    Property tenure: Rented
    Interested in: Saving on Utilities
    Current gas supplier: EDF
    Current elec supplier: nPower
    Current gas bill: £75-99 quarterly