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Consumers have provided us with in-depth details of their current and secondary vehicle within the household, including the make, model and age of vehicle.

They are given the opportunity to specify an interest in future purchases by indicating which brochures they would like to receive from specific manufacturers, and which models they’d like to test drive. Also included are their intentions for the type of replacement vehicle they’d be interested in, such as 5-door, MPV or sports car.

This combined with the wealth of family and household information we hold offers solid targeting criteria for all automotive marketing campaigns.

In addition to the wealth of car-related information, we can select people who have breakdown cover and the month in which the cover expires.

Also, please see featured in the Insurance section details of car insurance renewal dates.

Key variables we hold:

  • Number of private /or company owned cars in household
  • Purchased new or used
  • Year of manufacture
  • Interest in test driving or receiving a brochure on new models
  • When next car purchase is planned for
  • How next car purchase will be funded
  • Motoring breakdown service & renewal month