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To many, it is more important than ever that they are covered in the event of illness and can seek immediate treatment through channels outside of the NHS, with Private Medical Insurance.

Should they pass on, people also want to ensure that their families are covered for the future through life insurance and careful estate planning.

It’s shocking to think that over 75% of 30-40 year olds don’t actually have a will!

If you supply, or have clients that offer these services we have opportunities to tap into this market with fresh leads, available on a daily basis.

Want more? Why not ask us about the health issues some of our consumers have? Ailments from back pain and arthritis to people who wear glasses all feature on our survey. We’ve even got people  thinking about cosmetic surgery!

Other key variables we hold:

  • Interest in life insurance
  • Considering/have medical insurance
  • Suffering from hearing difficulties, back/mobility problems, diabetes.
  • Glasses/contact lense wearers
  • Due an eye test & optician used previously