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From hobbies to sporting interests and outdoor pursuits, we can identify many different interests ranging from art and crafts through to people’s preference between an evening at the cinema or a trip to the local night club.

We also have detailed information regarding holiday preferences, including domestic, cruises and their frequency of overseas travel.

One of the most selected questions on the survey has traditionally been newspaper and magazine readerships. This variable also serves as a very useful profiling tool.

The following is just a taste of the information we can provide, and we suggest you speak to us in more detail to discuss what else is available, and what we could find for you given a specific brief:

  • General interests and hobbies
  • Newspaper readership
  • Goods purchased by mail order
  • Frequency of holidays abroad
  • Preferred holiday type and destination
  • Interest in taking a cruise
  • Interest in holiday within 6 weeks if significant savings