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In a time of economic uncertainty, UK consumers have become wiser about their financial arrangements. The choice of available products and services has opened the door to an abundance of competitive financial solutions.

With companies in the financial sector dropping like flies, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition and engage with fresh prospects who are suited to your products. Our reliable flow of responsive consumers will give you that edge and the tools to keep your sales pipeline fully loaded.

This comprehensive section of the database includes details of peoples’ attitudes towards finance as well as their credit issues or their plans for future investments.

We can also identify consumers who may be eligible for a variety of financially related services, such as cash release, loan products, debt management and switchers of Banks, Building Societies or Mortgage Services.

Along with the personal information we hold, including age and income, we can offer the opportunity to target people via triggers that may cause them to consider a variety of financial products.

A selection of the variables we hold:

  • Household income; House value
  • Credit cards - Held; Paid in full; Considering switching
  • Considering switching Bank; Building Society; Mortgage
  • Interested in Debt Management Advice
  • Currently in Debt Management Plan or IVA
  • Receiving Government benefits
  • Interest in making a Will; Land Investment; Equity Release