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Please call us for a chat about Partnership surveys on 020 8209 3131

What you get

Ultimately, you will receive a clear indication of how to market more productively to your own consumers. More specifically, this will be free of charge and will include quantitative evidence allowing us to:

  • Recommend cross-selling initiatives based on your consumers’ expressed intention to buy
  • Independently analyse the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Identify profitable new products and services that your consumers want and need
  • Gauge the potential for repeat purchases and loyalty programmes
  • Monitor your customer service and after-sales care
  • Add credibility in your sales presentations to retailers
  • Recommend profitable joint-ventures with non-competing brands
  • Enable you to create a dialogue with your consumers to help maximise their lifetime value
  • Integrate your old records into a newly-formed database

The Survey Itself

We will work with you to build a survey to make all this possible. That happens in three simple steps

Building it

We’ll design the survey and arrange a prize draw to incentivise response.

Circulating it

Offline: We’ll organise design and printing and provide a Freepost service to boost response.
Online: We’ll organise an online registration site. This has obvious advantages in terms of speed of response and it creates instant cross-selling opportunities - we can deliver an online, money-off voucher for any additional products the responder has registered an interest in purchasing.

Analysing It

We’ll capture and process the data, write any necessary database programmes, and possibly pay you a commission for every response. You’ll receive access to a password-protected website, with all your data available in simple tabular and graphical form. We’ll help by providing weekly response reports and monthly trend analysis as well as in-depth analysis on responses to all questions posed.