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How we do it

Every new Partner asks the same question:“What’s the catch?”

After all, we are offering an extraordinary insight into your consumer’s buying triggers and behaviour. And in the worst case you get it for free, whereas hopefully we’ll be able to pay you too!

The answer is simple. Timely, relevant data is a valuable commodity. And so we’ll add a couple of generic lifestyle questions to your questionnaire, and then rent out the data we gather as a result.

This isn’t something we hide. Transparency is key. And it explains why we go to such lengths to ensure that your data is gathered and analysed as quickly and effectively as possible.

Ours is not a robotic, process-led product. We’ll consult with you in detail to create a survey and approach that will sit best with your consumers, and pick your brains to understand the key issues you would like to be addressed, the best ways to address them, and the timescales within which you need answers.

Typically we’ll organize registration surveys for your consumers, but we may also decide that a postal survey or a loyalty programme will help do the job more effectively.

All offline forms are received at our mailing house, and data undergoes regular quality control tests.

In summary, we do everything within our power to maximise the value of your data for us both.