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About us

We have been analysing consumer buying behaviour on behalf of our clients since 1999.

In practice, this has meant gathering and distilling data to help understand what, why and how people buy. And then providing actionable reporting and analysis to improve our partners’ sales.

Initially we specialised in the electrical industry. We have grown into the UK's leading collator of consumer data, working in partnership with many of the most recognisable household names on the high street, across a variety of market sectors.

We help them in various ways. These range from designing surveys to analysing data they have already captured. Our flagship product, The Partnership Survey programme, combines the key elements of our service to assist any company of any size in any sector, to better serve its consumers.

Irrespective of the service we provide, we remain entirely independent. This has enabled us never to veer from our core purpose: To help our clients better understand their consumers
and use this information to increase sales.