For a brighter understanding


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The concept

Our Partnership Survey scheme rests on two simple assumptions:

  1. You would like to better understand your consumers.
  2. You’d like to gain that understanding free of charge.

There’s absolutely no catch.
It’s in our mutual interest to get this right.  So we’ll help you find out:

  • who your consumers really are
  • what they really think of your products and services
  • the factors that influence their buying decisions
  • what else they might want to buy from you
  • the best way to communicate with them.

In short, we’ll help you sell more of the right things to people who want them from you.

From our perspective, we’ll ask them some additional lifestyle questions, enabling us to rent their names out to select companies in non-competing areas. We pay some of our partners for this information, and so they are actually making money whilst making their marketing more efficient and effective!