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Affinity marketing

Affinity marketing is, in a nutshell, a process that brings together two businesses whose product offerings and target audience are complimentary.

With our extensive experience in this area, we can match brand owners who enjoy direct access to, and a strong relationship with, their consumers with companies providing products and services.

Joint-ventures of this sort can utilise the strength of one brand with a direct route to market, to provide its customers with a relevant cut-price product supplied by the partner (& make money by doing so).

We have linked together businesses whose interests are shared, but whose services are complimentary (and non-competing):

  • a leading kettle manufacturer in touch with the customers of a water utility company
  • a mobile phone company in touch with the readers of a lifestyle magazine

There is no up-front charge for this service. We simply take a small percentage of the profits generated from each sale.